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Cancelling fuel duty increase will help North East families and businesses

Nanette Milne, 03/03/2011

North East Conservative MSP, Nanette Milne as called for the planned fuel duty increase – left on the incoming UK Government’s books by the last Labour Government – to be cancelled.

Nanette Milne, Conservative MSP for North East said:

“With fuel prices continuing to rise, there are real concerns about the impact that high prices are having on drivers and businesses, particularly in rural areas such as the North East. The forthcoming fuel duty increase will only make the situation worse. I know that my colleague Annabel Goldie MSP recently raised concerns about the cost of fuel directly with the Prime Minister.

“Yesterday in the Scottish Parliament, my Conservative colleagues and I supported a motion highlighting the very real difficulties being faced by motorists, businesses and those in the rural economy.

“Drivers in the North East, who often have no public transport alternative, are being hit particularly hard by the sky high prices at the pump and it is crucial that prices are not allowed to continue to rise out of control.

“Labour left the UK finances in a desperate state but, in view of the prevailing record fuel prices, we join the calls for the UK Government to cancel the fuel duty increase Labour planned for April - in so doing families and businesses alike across the North East will benefit.”

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