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Milne urges care over flooding

Nanette Milne, 09/12/2010

Nanette Milne, Conservative MSP for North East Scotland, has expressed concerns that a thaw in the adverse weather conditions could lead to serious flooding risks in the North East.

Nanette Milne, Conservative MSP for North East Scotland said:

“Despite the best efforts of local authority staff and many others, we have experienced considerable transport problems in the past few weeks due to the extreme weather. Part of the problem appears to have been a lack of effective communication between weather forecasters and the authorities, as well as inadequacies in the interpretation and understanding of the extent of the threat posed by the snowfall.

“It is important that, as the snow thaws - whether that is this week or later in the Winter - all necessary flood risk management procedures are in place. I know that a number of parts of the North East have been particularly susceptible to flooding in recent years and it is vital that SEPA, Local Council and the Scottish Government are in close contact over monitoring the situation and dealing effectively with any flooding that occurs.”

“Huntly saw severe flooding earlier this year and left many peoples’ houses in ruin and caused months of disruption and we must do all we can to prevent this happening again. We need to ensure communities such as Huntly are not put at risk of flooding again during the future thaw.”

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