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Milne : UK Government should make North East a Broadband pilot area

Nanette Milne, 26/11/2010

Milne : UK Government should make North East a Broadband pilot area

Following a report by the BBC which showed that parts of the Aberdeenshire had some of the lowest broadband speeds in the UK, North East Conservative MSP Nanette Milne has urged the UK Government to include Aberdeenshire as a pilot area for broadband improvements. The North East MSP launched a campaign last week to secure better broadband for communities across the North East.

According to a study by broadband comparison website - Banchory, in Aberdeenshire was rated 17th worst in the UK for broadband connection at just (1.95Mb).

Dr Nanette Milne, Conservative MSP for the North East said:

“I would like to thank all those who have emailed me to date with their broadband experiences.

“It is appalling that parts of Aberdeenshire have been shown to have such poor broadband speeds. No community, regardless of size or population should have to suffer from low quality internet services – especially when it is such a vital tool for communication and for business.

“The UK Government recently announced that the Highlands and Islands would be the first pilot area in Scotland for major broadband improvements.

“I therefore urge the UK Government to consider introducing additional pilot areas in Aberdeenshire to end the frustration of thousands of residents.

“There is a digital divide quickly opening up between rural areas like those in Aberdeenshire and the superior facilities available in more urban areas in the Central Belt. A number of communities suffer from chronically slow internet speeds, whilst others have no service at all. I believe that residents should expect and deserve better support to deal with this problem.

“Something needs to be done quickly to improve the situation to bring the internet speeds from second worst in the country, to some of the fastest.”

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