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Nanette Milne, 04/11/2010

Scotlandís unpaid carers and young carers have a right to regular breaks and a life outside of caring Ė thatís the message Scotlandís National Carer Organisations (NCO) will be taking to MSPs this week. And Dr Nanette Milne MSP, Conservative MSP for the North East and Shadow Minister for Public Health is supporting them by signing a pledge to support Scotlandís unpaid carers and young carers.

Dr Nanette Milne MSP met representatives from Scotlandís national carer organisations - The Princess Royal Trust for Scotland, the Coalition of Carers in Scotland, Carers Scotland, Crossroads Caring Scotland, the Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance and Shared Care Scotland ĖĖ in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday October 28th as they launched their election manifesto for 2011.

The Scottish Carersí manifesto is being published ahead of next yearís Scottish parliamentary elections, highlighting the economic and social necessity of supporting carers. There are almost 660,000 carers and 100,000 young carers in Scotland (1 in 8 of the population) Ė more than the total health and social care workforce.

The manifesto for carersí rights says Scotlandís carers need support to help them in their caring role, regular breaks and a life outside of caring. Scotlandís young carers, it states, should have the right to be children and young people first, have the same opportunities as their peers and reach their full potential.

Dr Nanette Milne MSP, Conservative MSP for the North East and Shadow Minister for Public Health said:

ďCarers and young carers provide unpaid and invaluable support to family members who could not manage without that help. Yet they consistently tell us that they still have to fight for the support they need. In addition, carersí organisations across Scotland continue to face standstill budgets but deal with increased demand. Supporting carers to continue caring makes good economic sense. I am delighted to show my support for our carers and young carers and organisations which support them across the country.Ē

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