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Nanette Milne MSP, 01/07/2003

Deputy Health Spokesman and North East Scotland MSP Nanette Milne, has backed the Endometriosis Society’s National Awareness Day being held tomorrow (2nd July) to highlight the potentially crippling illness that affects one in ten women.

Endometriosis is a common, chronic and often painful disease affecting many women in their reproductive years. It can be associated with infertility, bladder and bowel problems and debilitating pain.

Endometriosis occurs when the lining of the womb grows in places outside the womb, normally the lower half of the abdomen, around the reproductive organs or on the lining of the abdomen.

Just as the lining of the womb bleeds during a period, these stray cells also bleed but have no way of leaving the body, leading to inflammation, pain and the formation of scar tissue.

Dr Milne said: “There is no known cure to endometriosis and present day treatments only suppress it. However, there are a number of treatments available such as drug therapy and the Helica TC treatment pioneered by a Scottish engineer.

“I hope that the Scottish Executive will look at ways of commissioning further research into this hidden disease which can remain undiagnosed for years.”

The National Endometriosis Society offers information and support for women with endometriosis. They can be contacted at:

Tel: 0207 222 2781 Email: Web:

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