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Philip Atkinson, 24/02/2004

Commenting on news that Aberdeen City Council are set to increase Council Tax for the coming year by 8.6%, Nanette Milne, MSP for Northeast Scotland said:

“Hard pressed taxpayers in Aberdeen will understandably be incensed by this latest tax rise.

“Aberdeen has received the lowest per-head grant in Scotland from the Local Government Funding Settlement. This is typical of the Lib-Dem/Labour Executive siphoning money from the Northeast, to fund their heartlands in the Central Belt.

“I am sick and tired of this Executive’s arrogance in believing that they can ignore and neglect the Northeast. Essential services in Aberdeen will have to be cut. Concessionary travel and community care for the elderly and care for young people will all suffer because Jack McConnell and his Lib-Dem lapdogs are more concerned with looking good in Central Scotland.

“I am disappointed also by the Lib-Dems in Aberdeen City Council. They have shown themselves to be singularly unable to obtain a fair deal for Aberdeen from THEIR OWN Scottish Executive in Edinburgh.

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