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MSP visits One Wold Centre

Alex Johnstone MSP, 20/01/2004

Northeast Scotland Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone today visited Dundee's One World Centre where he met with centre management including Development Education Worker (Schools) Sally Romilly . The centre, based in the City's Princes Street, aims to raise awareness of environmental and global issues in Dundee, especially among young people, and campaigns on issues such as international trade and debt.

Speaking afterwards Alex Johnstone, who is the Scottish Conservatives' Environment & Rural Development Spokesman, said:

" I was pleased to have a very positive meeting with centre managers and enjoyed a wide ranging discussion on key issues like sustainability and international free trade.

" I was interested to learn more about the centre's work and in particular its efforts to increase awareness in schools and encourage young people to become more active in environmental matters by thinking about what they can do in their every day life that might have positive effects.

" As a member of the Scottish Parliament's Environment & Rural Development Committee I was pleased to be able to inform staff at the centre of some of the issues that the Committee will be dealing with in the near future and of some of the opportunities they will have to have an input into the Committee's work."

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